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SUBMIT your proposal for a workshop at the FTTH Conference 2019 in Amsterdam on 12 March! 

Are you at the forefront of the latest technological developments related to fibre, 5G, smart homes, SDN, IoT, AI or others? A thought leader on fibre/5G investments? Leading expert in telecoms/digital policy and regulation?  SET THE AGENDA by proposing a workshop in the broad areas of technology innovation, policy & regulation and investments!

The FTTH Conference is the world’s largest Fibre Summit and a knowledge & networking hub of senior executives, policy makers and leading industry experts. Our workshops are renowned for their high quality content, lively discussions and an engaging, expert 100-250 strong audience in each of the 9-15 workshops.

The workshops of the FTTH Conference are the best opportunity for thought leaders, experts and fibre enthusiasts to deep-dive into the hottest topics and DRIVE THE TECHNOLOGY, POLICY OR INVESTMENT DEBATE!

Our call for workshops is now open

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the largest fibre event in the world: Come to Amsterdam on 12 March 2019 and shape the agenda of the FTTH Conference!

<![CDATA[Gigabit-Symposium 2018]]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/gigabit-symposium-2018?news_id=3821 2018-07-10 Die Verbände ANGA, BUGLAS, eco, FTTH Council Europe und VATM laden zu einem „Gigabit-Symposium 2018“ ein.

Angesichts des neuen Ziels im Koalitionsvertrag, flächendeckende Gigabit-Anschlüsse bis 2025 zu schaffen, ist es nun von zentraler Bedeutung, schnell die richtigen Anreize für den Gigabit-Ausbau zu setzen. Nur wenn jetzt die Weichen richtig gestellt werden, hat Deutschland die Chance die Transformation zur Gigabit-Gesellschaft erfolgreich zu gestalten.

Wie sich das erreichen lässt, diskutieren wir mit hochrangigen Vertretern aus BMVI, BDI, Landkreistag, KKR, Arthur D. Little u.v.a.

am Mittwoch, den 12. September 2018, 16:30 bis 18:00 Uhr (Einlass ab 16 Uhr), anschl. Get-together

in der Vertretung des Saarlandes beim Bund in Berlin, In den Ministergärten 4, 10117 Berlin (siehe Karte).


Die Anmeldung zum Gigabit-Symposium ist hier möglich.


<![CDATA[Fibre for 5G: a story of convergence - Leaders in fibre best placed to lead in 5G]]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/fibre-for-5g-a-story-of-convergence--leaders-in-fibre-best-placed-to-lead-in-5g?news_id=3819 2018-06-21 Brussels, 21 June 2018 – Today the FTTH Council Europe organised  an event on the convergence between fibre and 5G hosted by with MEP Michal Boni in the European Parliament. As wireless networks increasingly depend on fibre connectivity and the traditional “fixed” and “mobile” silos are breaking down, the FTTH Council Europe explores more in depth the synergies between Fibre and 5G.  

The FTTH Council Europe is therefore launching a novel, quantitative analysis to understand the potential cost savings which could be made by building converged, 5G-fibre networks and the cost of non-convergence, which would be ultimately paid by end-users.  The results of this study will be revealed at the FTTH Conference 2019 in Amsterdam (12-14 March).

<![CDATA[Europe gives regulatory push to fibre investments & end-user benefits]]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/europe-gives-regulatory-push-to-fibre-investments-end-user-benefits?news_id=3817 2018-06-06 Brussels, 6 June 2018 – The co-legislators gathered today in presence of the European Commission reached an agreement on the European Electronic Communications Code, the piece of legislation aimed at revising the existing legislative framework for telecommunications. 

The FTTH Council Europe congratulates the policy-makers for this landmark agreement and welcomes the new Code, which promotes competitive investments in future-proof digital infrastructures like full fibre and 5G.

<![CDATA[Wake-up call for Europe to speed up on full fibre: demand is on the rise, investments need to catch-up]]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/wake-up-call-for-europe-to-speed-up-on-full-fibre-demand-is-on-the-rise,-investments-need-to-catch-up?news_id=3815 2018-05-18 Brussels, 18 May 2018 – The FTTH Council Europe announces the results of the annual election of its Board members and Working Committee Chairs and sets out an ambitious work programme with three priority areas to pave the way towards a full fibre future for Europe.

<![CDATA[Join our Webinar 'Socioeconomic benefits of fibre: the perspective of end-users']]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/join-our-webinar-socioeconomic-benefits-of-fibre-the-perspective-of-end-users?news_id=3812 2018-04-16 The webinar, hosted by the FTTH Council Europe together with WIK Consult,  will be held on 23 April 2018, from 1pm to 2pm CEST.

Why do end-users choose fibre? What is their experience of migrating to fibre and how do they use fibre connectivity? The perspective of end-users will be explored by our new study based on a representative consumer survey and a discussion focusing on the consumer and business end-user experience.

Presenters: Karin Ahl, our Policy & Regulation Committee Chair and René Arnold from WIK-Consult



]]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/join-our-webinar-socioeconomic-benefits-of-fibre-the-perspective-of-end-users?news_id=3812 <![CDATA[Register for our Webinar 'FTTH Market Panorama in the MENA region for September 2017']]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/register-for-our-webinar-ftth-market-panorama-in-the-mena-region-for-september-2017?news_id=3810 2018-03-26 The webinar, organised by our Market Intelligence Committee, will be held on 24 April 2018, from 10 am to 11 am CEST.

Presenters: Roland Montagne, Principal Analyst and Director Market Development, IDATE & Jan Schindler, Chair Marketing Intelligence Committee, FTTH Council Europe

Register at: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1480162942958662914

The FTTH MENA Market Panorama is a study conducted in 2017 by FTTH Council MENA and its partner IDATE to provide a complete summary of the FTTH/FTTB status in the MENA region, including the analysis of 17 MENA countries; distinction between architecture: FTTH/B vs FTTN (FTTN/C+VDSL, FTTLA, FTTx+LAN) and information on the national Broadband market e.g. national program.

It was released by the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council MENA, in partnership with IDATE Consulting, during its 9th annual conference, “FTTH, EMPOWERING THE DIGITAL VISION”, held under the Patronage of the Ministry of Communication Technolgies and Digital Economy of Tunisia.

<![CDATA[Socio-Economic Impact of FTTH, new study released at the FTTH Conference 2018.]]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/socio-economic-impact-of-ftth,-new-study-released-at-the-ftth-conference-2018?news_id=3807 2018-02-15 Today in Valencia, the FTTH Council Europe released the findings of Its new study carried out by WIK on the socio-economic benefits of fibre. The study explores further the fact that fibre-based connectivity is transforming and enhancing the way we live, do business and interact.

<![CDATA[New Market Panorama data at the FTTH Conference 2018: 20% growth in fibre subscribers and Ireland joins the fibre league]]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/new-market-panorama-data-at-the-ftth-conference-2018-20-growth-in-fibre-subscribers-and-ireland-joins-the-fibre-league?news_id=3806 2018-02-15 Check out our updated global market panorama & ranking at end-September 2017, unveiled today at the FTTH Conference 2018 in Valencia.

<![CDATA[Register for our webinar 'FTTH/B in a Virtualized & Software Defined Network'!]]> http://warsaw.ftthcouncil.eu/home/latest-news/register-for-our-webinar-ftth/b-in-a-virtualized-software-defined-network!?news_id=3795 2017-11-24 This webinar will provide an overview of the SDN/NFV in the context of FTTH/FTTB-based access solutions, and introduce several interesting Use Cases.

With the proliferation of FTTH deployments and the new next Generation with ultra-band capacity, service providers are facing the opportunity to simplify network architectures by making them more efficient, agile and flexible in order to meet the challenges of huge user bandwidth demands.  

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in conjunction with fibre deployments are the most important key enablers for Access Network Evolution and key instruments to lower the network’s total cost-of-ownership, in terms of the middle-term or long-term planning.  

Taking advantage from the High Bandwidth and symmetry that FTTH deployments permits, it is possible to move critical functions to cloud to allow multivendor network management, accelerate new service activation, scale from small to very large access nodes and consequently reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

Register at https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8329856496304193793